Television Station Group

Tech Reinvention − Catalyst in Fundraising


Obtain half a billion-dollar commitment from a private equity company to enable Chairman, CEO to purchase stations in larger markets.



Wall Street’s view of local television stations as a media investment was perceived as lackluster. Investors were tired of the traditional media segment, seeking digital and social media investments.



B2B multi-pronged strategy.


Davis Communications Group needed to underscore the track record and tech-enabled, futuristic leadership of the team. We would rewrite the offering book. As a prerequisite, we needed to create information packages specifically targeted to tough, trusted experts such as respected analysts and media valuations experts to obtain their neutral perspective of the industry and what was possible.



Our research uncovered the exemplary track record of the Television Station Group Leaders: their expertise in the acquisition and management of smaller market television stations had delivered 215% percent returns to previous investors.


We rewrote the offering book narrative – underscoring the revitalized consumer need and value for local television and local-regional businesses – especially as the media world became global.  We emphasized that consumers’ immediate concerns originated in their neighborhoods and cities which anchored them and their families. And we underscored with examples that almost everything that mattered nationally had roots in the local footprint of communities.


After careful study of how the TV Leadership did business in the communities in which they had purchased television stations in the past, we emphasized their adherence to detail and community good will.


Our weapon is mastery of client businesses, goals, stakeholders. As investigative reporters immersed in our topic, we possessed a deep understanding of the business and investor desires. We served as a catalyst in developing new revenue streams and modernization recommendations: new media platforms and approaches such as IPTV and integration of social media for local television – seeking to usher in a new era.


We underscored the non-traditional advertisers and emerging companies in e-commerce and other categories as eager advertisers seeking to reach viewers on a targeted local budget.  We underscored US local programming – television station groups as a breeding ground for testing new programming and as an extended platform for new ways to syndicate and expand.


We were ready to position the narrative we evolved in a journalistic manner to selected media analysts and valuation experts with whom we had a trusted track record. We secured the option to use their neutral quotes on the upside of the local television business. It depicted the potential industry growth with proven veterans (our clients); and technological advancements and emerging companies’ advertising needs — in our client’s offering book to potential investors.


We executed a well-placed interview with a respected media economist in a newsletter targeted to the media, entertainment, investment, and tech communities – which we offered as part of the package to potential investors.


Utilizing our journalistic skills, we served as a catalyst in locating a private equity company in the southwest with thirty billion dollars who had never invested in media and wanted to diversify.


In a lengthy interview process with the potential investors with a half a billion dollars riding on the outcome, it was requested by the Chairman and CEO that we personally educate the potential new investors about the local television station business and specifically about the detailed implications of our client’s track record.



Television Station Group was successful in gaining access to half a billion dollars to enable them to purchase stations in larger markets.